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About Dixon Family Farms
Small, local, family farms are invaluable members of any community and are the true stewards of the land.  Dixon Family Farms is a small, local, family farm in beautiful eastern North Carolina.  Co-owned and managed by third-generation farmer Jay Dixon, our farm consists of mostly sandy loam soils, which is typical of the region, and operates under five sustainable divisions:  pork, poultry, meat goats, rabbits, and vegetables.  Our hog breeds include Berkshire, Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire.  Our sustainable poultry division produces broilers, holiday turkeys, laying hens, Pekin ducks, and quail that roam the pasture.  In 2009, we moved from having full-blooded Boer goats to exclusively finishing steer goats.

Our animals are raised on pasture, allowing them to roam freely in their natural habitat, where they are able to eat nutritious grasses and other plants on which their bodies have adapted to thrive.  In addition to our own personal high welfare standards, our farm is Animal Welfare Approved for our pork.  Animal Welfare Approved is a nonprofit organization that audits farms yearly, insuring high welfare for animals based on the highest standards for animal welfare according to the World Society for the Protection of Animals.  All of our other animals are also held to the same rigorous standards.  

Our pasture based system reduces environmental damage and yields meat and eggs that are tastier and more nutritious than foods produced on factory farms that are on shelves in every grocery store, fast food chain, and restaurant frequented by consumers.  Research indicates that pasture-raised meat, eggs, and dairy products are better for consumer health than conventionally-raised meats.  

In addition to being lower in calories and total fat, pasture-raised foods are higher in vitamins and have a healthier balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats than their conventionally raised counterparts.  Free range chickens have 21% less fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories than factory farmed birds, eggs from pasture-raised chickens have 10% less fat, 40% more vitamin A, and 400% more omega 3s.  The meats we provide for your family are hormone and antibiotic free and are never confined in tight facilities like factory farms that are devoid of fresh air and sunlight.

We offer 25 varieties of natural, traditionally-grown vegetables, using time-old growing methods passed down by our ancestors, and we compost our own litter from our livestock barns and acquire litter from our neighbor’s commercial turkey operation to fertilize our fields.  Methods such as crop rotation, integrated pest management, and natural fertilizers allow us to provide you with fresh, wholesome produce for your family.  Dixon Family Farms is a true family farm that exemplifies the true definition of sustainable livestock farming.

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